Andover Garden Center

We have loaded our greenhouses with beautiful plants and flowers. Annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables and more.

Beautiful plants and flowers

Get inspired by our hundreds of varieties of plants. Perennials are the building blocks of your yard providing continuous enjoyment season after season, while annuals bring splashes of color to complement. We have an endless selection to choose from and look forward to helping you create a lush and colorful outdoor environment. We also carry many varieties of delicious and easy to grow herbs and vegetables. Enjoy the satisfaction of picking a homegrown tomato or sprig of oregano right outside your window.

Annuals, Perennials * Herbs, and Vegetables * Dish Gardens, Hanging Baskets * Tropical Plants * Citrus Trees, Berry Bushes * And more..


Other Products

Not only does mulching add a finishing touch to your landscape, but it also helps prevent weeds, moderates the soil temperature and retains moisture during dry weather. Choose from a variety of colored and natural mulches, and garden soils to help complete your outdoor space.

Cedar, Hemlock, Red & Black Dyed Mulch * Various Plant Products * Deer Repellent Product * Chimineas * Firewood


Select Services

  • Custom Containers:
  • - Drop off your own pots and pick up when complete
    - On-site planting
  • Home Plantings:
  • - Restrictions apply, please call or stop by to set up an appointment
  • Soil Amendments
  • Home consultations available upon request.

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